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Koli National Park is one of Finland's 40 national parks and one of Finland's most famous national landscapes. High hills, trees covered with artillery snow and a view of Pielinen have inspired many artists for more than a hundred years. Koli is a nature traveler's dream destination because of its diverse nature and pulsating landscapes.

SUMMER 2022:

Rental point is located at Kolin Satamaravintola, Rantatie 12, Koli. Reservations via email, phone or our web store. June-August shop is open everyday 10-15.30 also for walk in customers.

Kolin Satamaravintola - Koli Harbor restaurant is opening again 1.6.2022 - welcome!


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Our goal is to provide local food and services for everyone to enjoy. Our two restaurants are located in Koli village and Koli Harbour. In our accommondations you can experience the traditional granary building and glass igloos floating in lake Pielinen. Join to our guided tours to reach some less known parts of the Koli. At the end of the day you can taste products of our own brewery.

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Koli Harbor Restaurant