Business Family

Founded in 2013 by Jean François and Darja Flogny, Kolin Ryynänen first became one of the most famous Gastronomic Pub of North Karelia. 

During these years company has grown to serve people in two restaurants, we have own brewery and good variation of outdoor experiences around the year! Welcome to meet us in Koli!

Koli Active

Koli Active offers activities for your vacation! Our selection includes rental equipment for summer and winter and guided tours all year round. Koli National Park is one of Finland's 40th national parks and one of Finland's most famous national landscapes.

Koli Harbor Restaurant

Koli's Harbor Restaurant is located right on the shoreline of lake Pielinen in Koli Harbor. On our covered terrace you are protected from the weather so you can enjoy fish delicacies directly catched from Pielinen.

Kolin Ryynänen

For eight years now, Kolin Ryynänen has enlivened the village of Koli with its restaurant services and accommodated travelers in a 19th century barn.

Koli Brewery

Koli Brewery offers North Karelian flavors! Apples for our cider are only collected from the surrounding areas and our beers are constantly growing in popularity.

Koli VIP

Are you looking for a luxury for your vacation? We also take fully customized excursions. Our limousine transports you from the airport directly to the warmth of your cottage or we can deliver pizzas along your hiking trail, for example.